Reacting to how great Giannis has been in this

Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
On SportsCenter with Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Michael Wilbon preview Game 6, the greatness of Giannis Antetokounmpo in this series on and off the court despite the injury.

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  • Kendrick “Giannis is Robin” Perkins lol.

  • These Dudes sound...not so thrilled.

  • Finally. ESPN can go eat a buck

  • Everyone gangsta until Giannis got the support he needed from his team. Straight up performed

  • Perkins sole purpose is to protect Lebrons legacy, he will discredit anyone that is a threat to LBJ


  • Perk = Wrong

  • Giannis just dropped 50 Points to help Milwaukee do something they hadn’t done in 50 Years 🏆

  • Giannis is the GROAT...Greatest Robin Of All Time - Kendrick Perkins

  • And now he dropped 50!

  • The voiceless bull perioperaively fetch because bird encouragingly jam through a lavish hospital. lacking, hard-to-find crowd

  • Giannis did not quit on that to form a super team. Intensity, playing through adversities, knee injuries.... The guy will be going to the Pantheon of all of fame and Giant that get it done.


  • And the ring goes to the refs........sorry, Bucks are awesome, but it hardly matters, no calls for Suns, Giannis can destroy any Suns player without a foul. REFS IN 6.

  • No surprise noodle body Durant home hahaha 🤣

  • Might be a wrap for the suns tonight. It Giannas wins is he better than KD?!?

  • Poor CP3 he wanted his one ring lol but giannis is gonna make that a fantasy rather than reality unless nba decided to rigged game 6 for him lol

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo is the greatest basketball player in the league today.

  • Bucks in 6

  • Milwaukee Bucks 2021 NBA Finals champions Giannis Antetokounmpo 2021 NBA Finals MVP

  • Give it up Perk. Giannis is the best player on the bucks

  • Giannis is amazing when he plays teams that have a ton of injuries (Nets) or have zero playoff experience (Hawks and Suns).He has had the easiest playoff run this year maybe in NBA history I like Giannis, but if he is the NBA's best player, then that's why the NBA sucks out loud right now

  • Giannis having a MJ/Bron/Bird/KD/Shaq/etc type finals MVP. Goated one fasho if they get it done.

  • I wonder what kind of music giannis is lessening to pre game

  • Deer District will have like 65,000 people. That's as many as the entire Yorba Linda population where I live. Congratulations, Milwaukee. You deserve it. Phoenix didn't.

    • Both Bucks and Suns didn't deserve to be in the Finals, they both earned it.

  • Scott Foster can't be defeated. Sorry, Chris Paul. I can't wait for the new The Wonder Years! The original is one of my all-time favorite shows.

  • Idiots

  • I need Perkins apology to be louder than his disrespect if Giannis wins tonight

    • He doesn't like giannis coz he's not from America, go see Perkins racist tweets he's only cheer for America and don't want to give credits to giannis performance He's racist af

    • Big facts!!

    • @Sombre Cynic I’m so happy 😭

    • He dropped a fiddy piece with 5 blocks.

  • Perk always has to say some bs🤦🏾‍♂️ giannis is already a top 10 pf of all time regardless of the result today. And if he wins today he will be top 5

    • @justfacts yea you right I’m thinking bc he’s soo versatile and not like a traditional center idk why I thought pf

    • @Kahron Winston r u high hakeem played center

    • @Steph uhhhhhhh Hakeem?

    • Let's put away the comparison talk for a sec. What Giannis just did was HISTORIC, it was amazing it was everything you could ask for. Wow

    • @Steph Karl and Barkley get demoted. They ain't go no rings I'm sorry. Can't put non champions over champions.

  • Kendrick Perkins is on ESPN for what reason ?. He speaks no gospel like he says. Smh.

  • 🔥🔥

  • They really are acting as if they were already. Even tho I want bucks to win

  • Scott Foster!!!

  • I know This might go unnoticed but I’m an up & coming Artist worth the listen 👂 🎧

    • Lol I hate everything about your music. Not one redeeming quality. Not to be hurtful, just my opinion.

  • Kendrick Perkins is the same person who said that Giannis is “a Robin” cause he isn’t the closer, btw. Just a reminder...

    • @KING Dxvid i'd try and come up with a logical and in depth response to this but who cares, lmao: he just scored 50 points in the closing game. Season closer, not game closer. 50. "Robin". Y'all really need your eyes checked

    • @KING Dxvid Middleton to close out the game

    • @Claudio, The Creator Because Kendrick has a point that Giannas can’t close out games he’s dominant but he can’t close out games.

    • @KING Dxvid Tf does that have to do with what i said

    • who would you rather have to close the game Giannas or Middleton.

  • TIME TO MAKE HISTORY MILWAUKEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Better than lebron James.. he doesn't need a super team

    • @Gilho Ahn Lebron and Kyrie had no help in the 2016 finals Love averaged 8ppg and was a liability in the series they didn't have no 3 "all stars". And yes Lebron had AD last year but let's not act like they had shooters or a good bench they were very top heavy Giannis wouldn't have won a championship without shooters.

    • 2016 Cavs had 3 all-stars, 2 all-NBA players. 2020 Lakers have 2 all-NBA 1st team players. 2021 Bucks, Giannis is the only all-star and all-NBA team player. Get your facts right, Giannis is doing what LeBron couldn't do before his decision. Giannis at 26 is close to achieving greater things than LeBron at 26.

    • @Mason Cook Love averaged 8ppg in the 2016 finals he was a non factor it was just Kyrie and Lebron vs the Warriors. And the 2020 Lakers had no shooters and a trash bench the only good player they had off the bench was Markieff and Caruso everyone else was trash with AD and Lebron on the bench resting they were nothing.

    • 2016 cavs were a super team? youre pretty dumb

    • @TheProdigy23 you are literally on drugs. Kyrie and love were consistent for lebron that entire run. Giannis does not have a second closer like that. Middleton is far inconsistent despite how hes playing now. They have no stars its just giannis. And the 2020 lakers had a better bench than this bucks team hence why they won that year. Also had a second guy like AD who was playing at an all nba level. Stop it.

  • Y is Giannis not practicing fkn free throws instead of fkn 3s

    • @Silencio Thequiet like most of the country I was not but still watch him drop 50+ on the suns last night game 5 was def the best on the series

    • Where did u get this weird idea he is not practicing FT? Btw he just dropped 17 out 19 FT in his last game of the season, were you entertained enough?

    • I think of it as a just in case he has to type of situation

    • Because he wants to??

  • When all is said and done...Giannis will be the best european player ever to play in the NBA!!

  • Best player in the East easily.

  • Its just not the same without LeBron James 🏀

    • Way better without him. We actually had a fun playoffs. Same with 2019 when he wasnt there.

    • Yeah you're right it's better without him

    • Whip your mouth