Jrue Holiday on Giannis’ alley-oop and the challenges of guarding Devin Booker | The Jump

Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
Jrue Holiday on Giannis’ alley-oop and the challenges of guarding Devin Booker | The Jump
Malika Andrews sits down with Jrue Holiday to discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo’s alley-oop in Game 5 and the challenges of guarding Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker. After the interview, the Jump crew discuss how important Holiday is to the Milwaukee Bucks.

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  • I SAID FROM THE MOMENT THEY GOT JRUE......people really tried to compare Bledsoe to jrue

  • Bobby Portis

  • The sneaker God got the ring

  • She talks like they r out of this world having all issues.come out of the bubble Rachel you will know how real people r going through things in the real world

  • Y’all need to put a bigger variety of Holiday jerseys on the nba shop 😒

  • Jrue Holiday showed the world what an ELITE 2 way player looks like! What he did on both ends on the floor tonight beyond SPECIAL!

  • I miss rachel 😩😩


  • Holiday is the best kind of human that plays NBA ball.

  • I'm so hyped for tonight! Go Buck's!!

  • Milwaukee Bucks Seeking the Championship Banner. Bucks First NBA Champion Since 1971.

  • Wasn’t Perkins calling the suns the next dynasty? And had them in 6? Get this guy off the show it’s not even funny anymore.

    • Facts 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 But I think the network purposely let him make a fool of himself

  • s

    • WHY scott van pelt says subscribe to espn plu instead of stephen a and rachel nichols for saying the espn plus outro during the jump WHY or WHY NOT

  • Phew thought Jrue did the interview with Rachel. Thought he was gonna get the curse like dame.

  • Maria Taylor your job Rachel

  • Jrue will win his first championship today

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  • Malika or marie taylor, whoever this is, stop rotating black people as a prop. Let them be known like rachel and doris burke if youre going that route not just a prop speaking in the finals.

  • Since 2016 we don't know who could win the championship and that's what makes it so unpredictable

    • 2017-2018 gsw???

    • 17 and 18 everyone and their grandma knew the Warriors would win

  • The fans are the real winners because this finals has lived up to the hype

  • first time ive seen a malika andrews video with no malika andrew simps in the comments its a miracle

  • Hot take: Everyone loves CP3 because he is in his 16th season but if he wasn't and wasn't small everyone would class him in the same category as Pat Bev: DIRTY

    • Nah Beverley aint got the pull up or handle...thats why cp3 still respected

  • That Giannis stare down was something serious

  • Jrue Holiday with that steal at the end and the dunk by Giannis stole the soul out of the suns

  • Malinka Andrews >>> Rachel Nichols

  • Not gonna lie The Freak better than the Brow f

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  • Quiet guys dont get the most recognition.. but this guy should be an all star every year. If the elite players in the league say he's the best defender in the league, it should be automatic. Defense doesn't get enough credit.

    • I kinda get what you are saying. The league values offence over defence too much sometimes. But also guys like Draymond, Gobert, Simmons have made the all star game multiple times and Jrue is def on their level he’s just on a smaller market team in the east where there are so many other guys to pick

  • remeber AD could not do anything with Jrue.

  • Khris Middleton was in the g league was included in a trade as basically a throw away player now averaging 25 in a finals,Giannis selling watches and giving his whole first nba check to his family now averaging 32 in a finals,jrue holiday with his wife’s health problems and pregnancy scare.They deserve it just like cp3 does everyone got a comeback story👌

    • I thought is 35ppg in finals

    • @Raul Martinez look up giannis dirty plays

    • Yeah but none of them are dirty like CP or cry about everything like him.. Bucks in 6

  • *LOL Rachel struggled to pass it over to Malika Andrews 🤣*

  • we all gotta admit this finals series has been amazing for us to watch its so good

  • I want CP3 to lose because I feel that he’s a dirty player and he’s been carried quite honestly. The Bucks have fought harder and they deserve it.

    • Do yourself a favour and stop watching basketball if you genuinely think that CP3 was carried or that he is a dirty player (he is only whinny and too argumentative with the referees and likes to flop but so do 99% per cent of superstars just look how disgusting with flopping and manipulating the refferees for calls are Trae Young, J.Harden and others). Congrats to Jrue Holiday and Milwaukee Bucks though. Well deserved and Jrue is a great player and even greater human being, it's inspirational what what he has achieved and especially knowing what he had to come through to get there.

    • I don’t like him either but he hasn’t been carried

  • Bucks in 6

  • perk, they're in the finals. EVERYONE at this point is "laying it all on the line"

    • Lmaoo 😂😂😂 facts. They really aren't giving the bucks credit. Like Suns aren't trying to win

    • Lol

  • Suns in 7. They are winning tonight

  • Yes your losing tonight my guy

  • I didn’t want Jrue to leave New Orleans

  • If you think about it Jrue made more critical plays than Giannis and Middleton

    • Maybe in that game but not overall

  • Bucks in 6!

  • Bucks in 6

  • The only way the bucks can win this series is to win one more game!!!!

  • Why does the media want cp3 to win? Only because he’s played for 16 seasons?

    • @David Templeton Going by advanced stats he's top 10 all time. #7 Vorp, #5 BPM. The only thing that keeps him out of the top 15 is he always chokes in the playoffs.

    • @Best of A.Q.P. exactly it gets attention

    • @Brian Dieck i think he’s a better facilitator/passer than both he’s a true pg. dame and russ lean towards scoring the ball more, they remind me more of combo guards just my preference tho some people prefer the pg who can score 40 a night

    • @Prxnce top 10

    • US media with the kumbayah stuff

  • ESPN deleted my comment when I said “lock up dirty cp0” LMAO they ain’t hiding that they want the suns to win

    • Officer Derek Chauvin is a hero 🇺🇸

    • @James Dumbman ahhh... My apologies then because that's weird.

    • @Jay LMAO I literally said “Jrue lock up that dirty player cp0 and get that chip.” That’s literally what I said. No curse words

    • Wrong! You had curse words in there and UZfire deleted it.

  • Suns in 7