I HOPE EVERYBODY CHEATS! - Michael Wilbon on Gerrit Cole’s Spider Tack comments

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
I HOPE EVERYBODY CHEATS! - Michael Wilbon on PTI talking about Gerrit Cole’s Spider Tack comments

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  • You do not care because you are a journalist! If you are a baseball player when your livelihood is based on baseball stat, you start to care because it is your job! Come on man!

  • MBL declares itself as an entretaning league and thats it. why do you think nobody bets on WWF matches?

  • Why hasnt the MLB gotten ahead of this and created a standard for the game? Pitchers sweat. Pitchers need tact. MLB needs pitchers to maintain control of the baseball for safety. Simple as that.

  • Steroids is cheating. Should everybody take roids too?

  • 🙄 cause your a yank lolb

  • So I guess it's a cheating culture

  • So it’s ok when pitchers cheat but when hitters cheat they get asterisks

  • Sad to think that if the MLB actually does punish these players baseball will be looked on as a joke.

  • No.

  • Bring back steroids

  • Worst argument ever lol.

  • oh but the astros stealing signs that's murder

  • So according to Wilbon, in little league pitchers are throwing spitters and scuffing the ball? lol. So know we know he never played baseball. That's such a ridiculous statement.

  • MLB is the problem go go steroids we got the whole country watching it over now this money 💰 again

  • Clearly he never played baseball at a high level then. You'd get caught so fast. Plus if you gotta cheat to win, you ain't that good

    • Played baseball at a high level locally my whole life and never once heard of anyone scuffing a ball, or using a spitter lol. Maybe as you get to the older levels it might show up a bit, but not little league lol. Wilbon is going senile, or just flat out lying.

  • Wilbon is a loser. Yesterdays news

  • Cheating batters made the game more fun. Cheating pitchers make the game less entertaining.

    • @G G remember when Mcgwire and Sosa were in the home run race and TV channels would literally stop programs to show their at bats to see who would break Maris' record... remember when they did that for a strikeout record or single season win record... me neither. Pitching wins games, but it doesn't fill the seats or attract eyes.

    • Both are entertaining. I like massive 425 foot shots but I also like nasty pitchers who throw 98+. I enjoy both the 10-9 games and 3-2 games.

  • Bet all of you hating on wilbon believe brady is the goat even though hes a proven cheater. Sad kids.

  • Stop lying you never played ball in your life.

  • Usually like Wilbon but I totally disagree. Cheating is cheating. Punish the cheaters. Astros should have their WS taken away, and the boofest that followed them the next year shows most fans agree.

    • Baseball was a cheaters game since the beginning of its history

  • ESPN is an embarrasment

  • In sports its suppose to be about the most skilled not the guy you can cheat the longest and not get caught but we are finally seeing the truth of it all if you like the guy you aint trying if you dont cheat and if you dont hes tainting the game. hypocrites

  • They won't put Barry in the Hall but now that they see baseball is boring AF and public interest is dwindling, they want guys to cheat. The steroid era made the MLB so much money and kept people interested. Clean up the names of those that these same guys smeared and then I won't have a problem with cheaters.. just my opinion 🤷

  • You gotta be kidding... no class

  • Has Rob Parker weighed in on this?

  • If you remember he had no problem with what the Houston Asterisks did when everybody found out that they cheated! What that tells me is he probably is a cheater himself and that’s why he justifies it! Never liked this guy, something always rubbed me wrong about him! This is an ESPN firing that I’d be happy about! They’re getting rid of everybody else, why haven’t they got rid of this knucklehead?!?!?

  • Just cause You Cheat on Your Diet Fat boy doesn't mean everyone does

  • Yet again someone who thinks the old ways are still relevant “Back in my day” yeah well it’s today shits more strict now

    • Ya you would easily get caught now days even in American legion baseball. Plus if you cheating then you ain't that good

    • @jon Johnson Well because Cole plays for the Yanks who get tons of publicity and aren’t well liked plus Cole was on the Astros making him an extra target even though he was there 18, 19.

    • No he's saying cheating has been going on for 100 years but cole somehow is the only 1 being pointed at.......he's seemingly taking the fall for 100 plus years worth of cheating it's idiotic....baseball has is and likely will always be riddled with cheating unless ALL cheating is stopped

  • First they profited and then they went out of their way to go out to Barry bonds but now no one cares. Oh yeah I'm talking about race

    • Let's wait until Cole and Bauer retire, then we can compare. Even then bruh, black folks gotta stop whining about fairness in a game you didn't invent nor own.

    • Stfu its not race, its money. They thought the MLB was gonna stay popping cause the popularity the roid era brought so they smeared the cheaters and tried to move on. Now they see no one gives 2 fucks about the league and they need that dirty game back

  • Put Barry bonds in the hall of fame

  • Thank you for speaking truth Wilbon!

  • I can’t stand Wilbon man, he’s a clown

    • PTI used to be my favorite show. It's fallen off a cliff the past couple years.

  • So many hypocrites getting exposed...

  • Well, you don't get it at all Mr. Wilbon.

  • I wish this was my teacher because he would be the type to say I hope you guys cheat on his test