Hawks vs. 76ers Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get Up

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Hawks vs. 76ers Game 2 highlights and analysis | Get Up
Jay Williams joins Mike Greenberg on Get Up to discuss the Philadelphia 76ers defeating the Atlanta Hawks 118-102 to tie the series 1-1.

0:00 Get Up breaks down highlights from Clippers vs. Jazz.
1:25 Get Up breaks down highlights from Hawks vs. 76ers.
3:00 The Hawks have the advantage in this series - Jay Williams

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  • 0:00 Get Up breaks down highlights from Clippers vs. Jazz. 1:25 Get Up breaks down highlights from Hawks vs. 76ers. 3:00 The Hawks have the advantage in this series - Jay Williams

  • Just wanna thank jay williams for acknowledging that the sixers match up well against the nets. I’m not saying they are favorites, but they have all the tools you want against the nets. Really hope we get to see that series

  • Embiid saw the MVP voting and got mad and left all out on the floor

  • Sixer in 5

  • People need to stop thinking Trae young can JUST DOMINATE GOOD DEFENSE!!! IT WONT be that easy to just take over because there going back to Atlanta!!! Philly was 1st in the east for a reason

  • Atlanta won't win another game

  • People on the hawks bandwagon because the beat a terrible knicks team and got lucky to win game 1 after blowing a big lead. Lol that’s all cute fun but truth is sixers are sending them packing.

    • Sixers in 5. Don’t see them winning another game, have my ticket ready for game 5 at Wells Fargo for hawks farewell

  • Yes because Philadelphia can't win away. Do they hire these guys dumb.they can't beat the Hawks but they will play better against nets? Duh

  • you cant be serious. philly will win in 6. the hate and nonsense is unreal

  • Jazz in 7

  • Chamba!

  • Nets Vs Clippers in the Finals!

  • This fool lying about this as well

  • 65th comment trust the process

  • Jay williams left out Danny Green for everything

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  • Literally no respect for Philly bro, it's unreal.

    • Facts. They really hate us. From the refs to the analysts, but oh well. No one likes us we don’t care!

    • Never

  • Do people still listen to the OPINIONS of msm hot take talkin heads? The hawks brought the same energy they played against the Knicks which was higher than the energy the sixers had to bring vs the wizards, it’s good for the nba if series go 7 .. MAYBE the hawks squeeze another win but I don’t see it

  • They know Atlanta can't hang with Brooklyn but they want them to beat the SIXERS which ain't happening btw but it's so weird how they pick games we the much tougher opponent for Brooklyn but we not beating ATL with one star I don't get it

  • Trae Young was 6-16 and 1-7 from three... Hawks are getting gentleman’s swept for sure.

  • These "experts" are so dumb how are you going to say the Sixers give Brooklyn the best matchup but they can't beat ATLANTA HUH WHAT !!!???

    • @Uole Gullook you can't debate with casuals.. they operate from a place of emotion and bias...🤔😂

    • They did beat ATL last night, and the time ATL beat them, ATL had to set a franchise record of 20 made 3s and shoot almost 80% in the first half AND STILL ALMOST LOST.

  • I'm a die hard knicks fan so Let's Go Philadelphia ✌.

  • Why is Utah the Jazz

  • If i’m capela, I’m stepping on Embiid knee when he flops, since he’s always flopping

    • Trash human being

    • There a reason u not capela u classless fool

  • Ben Simmons is a role player

    • @Philly215 Lmfao you like those triple singles Simmons loves to produce?🤣

    • @Philly215 you don’t pay 40 million for a defensive player

    • He definitely not he sacrificed his stats today to lock up trae and win today he play winning basketball

    • The only thing he doesn’t do is score everything else he’s above elite at he’s a top 3 playmaker an top 3 defender

    • I agree

  • no fake story time this morning lol

  • MVP

  • Jwill is the worst. He needs to go.

  • No lie am I the only one that thought kawhi could’ve pulled up in 23 face or am I trippin it looked like his hands were down

  • Morris could have kicked it back out to khawi after the fake for a better shot but this was a well deserved win by the jazz 👌

  • Utah is for real.

  • Embid balled out.

  • I'll give Philly credit they came out and showed heart last night.💪

    • Bro y give us credit we the better team we lost first game cause of turn overs down by 30 r superstar on one leg gave them 39 came back and lost by 2 … game 2 smash almost by 20 like come on we want all smoke 💨

    • They almost blew it and when Atlanta came back they were gassed out. Atlanta ran the 2-3 qtrs and then 4th came they were done

    • @KennyGotBandz These teams seem evenly matched.

    • aren’t they the 1st seed? shouldn’t they be winning both games at home

  • I think the sixers and the clippers both win in 6

  • Milton should be starting at point guard. Move Ben Simmons to the 4 spot and use him like Draymond Green

    • But we need someone to provide scoring on the bench

    • You guys clearly have no idea how Philly runs their unit. Tobi is our 4. Ben needs to run the point. If anything start Matisse over Green because we need Curry at the 2.

    • See problem was that we tried that and it didn’t really work all that great last season. Shake has really great moments but dude really is not a starter

    • Agreed, i say even like Jokic

  • Embiid has to average 40 points for 76ers to win this series. Hawks have too many scorers

    • @Sean Lann Yeah but they inconsistent. Embiid has to be dominate for them to win

    • 76ers got Harris and Curry

  • Yall pissed embeid off with the 1 first place votes

    • @Raw Uncut Sports Takes I never expected him to win but ONLY get one first place vote thats disrespectful. Steph got more first place votes. 🤣🤣🤣

    • When you miss 21 games you won’t win MVP

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  • Embiid was playing like he was mad he didn't get MVP how he came out 🤣

    • @Raw Uncut Sports Takes the same way a player can win MVP, while being average, at best, defensively. Basketball is offense and defense, but the increase in casual fans made the league change rules, to entertain them.

    • @Rufi Jonuzi if you missed 21 games your chances of winning MVP is very low, if he missed like 2-5 games he would’ve won. How can you be the MVP if you missed 27% of the regular season

    • @hulkdaddy71 you can considered that doesn’t mean you’re gonna win.

    • @Raw Uncut Sports Takes didn’t know it was the “who could play the most regular season games” award

    • @Raw Uncut Sports Takes he played the necessary 70% of the games needed for consideration. Basketball is about offense AND defense....

  • “The performance of the night is Joel Embiid” Bruh Donovan had 45 in a tight game😂

    • On 30 shots...that's NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK!!!

    • @Philly215 13 boards...2 steals too...

    • Embiid had 3 blocks an 12 boards too tho

    • @hulkdaddy71 Correct. Embiid and Donovan are killers!💯

    • @Jesus Castro you do know if he lands on it awkwardly, it can turn into a big tear, and end his playoff run....

  • Embiid humbling the Hawks with a torn meniscus is crazy

    • @Ss 23mir keep that same energy when hawks win in 6

    • Hawks in 6

    • @João Lopes You gotta worry about Trae getting clamped up by Ben this entire series but don’t worry you guys will be home in 3 more games

    • @Ss 23mir Faxxx

    • @João Lopes man stfu y’all going home in 5

  • Here we go again with, SMH. Westbrook got ROBBED again with MVP. Jokic didn't average a triple double.

    • @Matisse Thybulle Stan I mean Curry also has a terrible record and didn’t even make the playoffs yet people are saying he was robbed. Granted he did play really well

    • Westbrook was terrible in the first half of the season and had a significantly worse record than Jokic and every other MVP candidate. He didn't get robbed of anything.

  • Boom