Giannis never ran from adversity - Stephen A. Smith | SportsCenter with SVP

Joylandi 20-Iyl, 2021
Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon join SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to recap the Bucks winning their first NBA Championship since 1971.

0:00 Relief for the Bucks to win an NBA Championship.
1:20 Giannis Antetokounmpo “owned the shortcomings” of losing the NBA Finals in the past.
2:30 Stephen A. credits Giannis for his leadership.

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  • Well Thank the Basketball Pagan Gods for creating a Commemorate The Buck Moon on July of this 2021. Rigged Bucs and Rigged Bucks won it in to be future freemasonic puppets

  • Stephen A. hates Gianni's Bucs did The Impossible

  • SAS: No matter how much I and others criticized him and tried to tear him down. He kept coming. I apologize. Is what he could have said...but instead they always make it like they were in your corner the whole time and it was others saying those things.

  • Love the woke society .. now after ESPN being the most woke sports media presenters now the target of the woke crowd ..seems some woman I do not no believes that she needs to to paid on par with Mr Smith just because she's a woman ..huh .. not marat .. not work load .. just cause .. does she do near the work Mr Smith does .. not even close .. only thing is a misguided belief of equal worth .. this is not man and woman issue .. it is who brings what to the table .. a image head and a relative unknown .. stop the madness .. peace

  • F*ck Stephen A Smith

  • “No matter where do I go, there will always be Adversity Johnson”

  • Are you seeing and hearing this Ben Simmons?

  • SAS looks miserable

  • Exactly…. guys! Giannis is a “monster” (in the good sense)! He is to become a legend! No doubt about that!

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  • Stephen A. Will still xhoose a superteam over a one star team. And hear he says Giannis saved the NBA. None of you like Giannis game, you have to talk about it cuz is your job

  • How the heck this dudes go around talking about all sports.. Im tired of their faces.. they haven't played even cricket...

  • Giannis' biggest play of the season for the Bucks: Giannis' "Cheap-Shot" on Kyrie walking under both his legs and ending his season, allowing the Bucks to advance vs the Nets.

  • Are you listening Simmons ??????????????????

  • "Giannis never ran from adversity and still keep coming...:" this makes you root and give massive respect to him whether as a fan or not.

  • No one should disrespect Giannis again the guy went against all the odds he did it the right way not the easy one he is an accomplished player from now on he doesn’t really need to prove anything the job is finished as Kobe would say!

  • Smith: “If he speaks ANYTHING but English I want him DEPORTED!!!”

  • "Stephen Racist Smith".

  • 👍👍

  • Consider it wholly joyful, my brethern whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations....James 1:2

  • I respect a man who doesn’t try to make a super team, wants to be in the spotlight, doesn’t play well with others, and wants the most money and becomes entitled…. Lebron, Durant and Kyrie…ooops!!!!

  • Thinking about it, Giannis is better than shaq

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  • Giannis is 10 times the man LeBron will ever be.

  • Thanks Giannis for staying put in Milwaukee and bringing that city another chip, that's old school G, you played with what Milwaukee surrounded you with and NOT joining other so-called "star players" to win a chip good for you and the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • The criticism didn't start when he became mvp. It started when he was coming up. He won two mvps in spite of it. This is what he does. He out efforts everyone, all the time, every night.

  • What an incredible story! Bravo Giannis!

  • nice report stephen a but did he had ever a choice like somebody other than him gonna do it on that team? against a very easy target team? its like going to a job and doing the everyday work. asinine

  • I'm a little surprised Stephanie didn't say, "first of all I'm black".

  • *Something lebron should've learned more than a decade ago.. staying loyal in one team and earn everybody's respect. Don't take the easy route.*

  • Wilbon was spot on with his opening monologue.

  • Kd can’t say the same

  • Not bad for a man who has "no skills" and just "runs and dunks." ;)

  • (3:17) "And he kept coming. He wouldn't stop" - Stephen A. Smith

  • Seeing two prominent Men and Trailblazers in their own professional right. As a black man i can honestly say that was refreshing

  • Stephen A. : " Even tho he can't play the game of basket ball, they can't stop him , he kept comming. "

  • Stephen A is mad because Giannis don’t speak good English and now he’s the MVP n FACE of the NBA! 😂😂😂


  • He literally injured all key players on teams that were beating them 2-0 in order to win the series (first kyrie, then only suns center that could defend him). He truly does not deserve this ring.

  • Steven “Bandwagon” A Smith

  • Are you listening Ben?

  • Stephen A is describing some different series right around 2:45 ...i watched the Bucks-Raptors series...that never happened. Yet he talks abut it like it did with conviction too...again, narratives

  • As a Chicago fan I’m super happy for Milwaukee

  • Heart of a champion! Commitment, perseverance, and confidence in his own game. He stayed true to self. It's been inspirational to watch him cross the finish line. A lot of others have and would fold under the pressure he's in. Incredible young man. God bless!!

  • I fall sas needed to say was BEN Simmons I’m talking to you 🤣🤣

  • Ben Simmons should use him as a role-model. This is a blueprint for his success.

  • Next Lebron will be looking to recruit Giannis.

  • Why are you In Milwaukee? Ya’ll are embarrassing seriously shetup already wit that double talk .

  • That’s a shot @ Bron 🤣💯

  • Giannis is the people's champ!!!!

  • So great to watch a guy playing like if its 1993... no run and gun... no 3point shoot... just give him the ball and get the F out

  • SAS is so biased you can see it on his face how sad he is for CP3. I get you're a big fan but c'mon now

  • I know dam well Stephan A shouldn't be talking with all the Giannis slander

  • Yall need to stop.. Great win for the Bucks, but only due to injuries is why the one this CHiP... they got smacked by 40plus against Brooklyn one game.. they had no answer for them, and then Kyrie fell..the rest is history.

  • Giannis was great but my man Middleton also deserves his props...

  • Giannis > KD The debate is over this guy made his biggest weakness be his biggest strength he never got ahead of himself or down on himself when things wasn't going his way This is what every NBA franchise wishes they superstar would be and act like Hes beyond a class act an a all around humble down 2 Earth Good guy

  • Michael will Bon tryna act like he a part of this championship just because hes from the mid West forgetting that we know he been routing 4 the bulls his whole life! They all doubted Giannis foh

  • It's funny how a lot of the top ESPN analyst well be the exact opposite Leading up to game 3 just for all them to pretend they didn't say any of that and act like they've been routing for and picking the Bucks since day one! I can respect someone more who stands by what they said even when they're wrong!

  • Who likes Stephen A Smith. I really don't no anybody that does

  • Giannis did it without superstars....he's the real one. Ain't no debate about. And please don't say middle is a superstar, cuz he's not. Only one superstar on that team, and that's Giannis...

    • No superstars. This game just made everyone that called Middleton a star look stupid

  • Legends has it giannis keeps coming

  • Big respect he stayed and he won

  • Giannis showed us why he is the greek freak

  • Bow to the freak

  • Giannis over embiid any day

  • And that is why Stephen A Smith and Michael Wilbon are the best! Whoever came up with the idea to pair them two (2) was genius. "He just kept coming..." I think many underestimated the pairing of B. Portis, J Holiday, with P.J. Tucker (created a tougher locker room). I also think we did not realize how desperate Brook Lopez wanted to win; he played like it was his final season. Also, we did not realize the tried and tested friendship between Middleton and Giannis -- Yes, Giannis is a superstar surrounded by a collective super team!

  • He shames the rest of the league with his attitude, effort, output and story.

  • Barley said bucks all the way SAS is an idiot

  • So nobody is going to mention the fact that the only reason the bucks made it to the finals was because every other team in the nba had injuries. If Lebron won this title everybody would be bringing up the injury excuse, this championship means nothing

  • Giannis the GREAT, both on and off the court, with the 50 piece cherry on top in the 2021 NBA Finals. FMVP and an Outstanding Ambassador for Sports. Bravo MEGALE....

  • "The man never ran from adversity"..............shots fired at LeBron and KD

  • Love that Stephen A Smith snuck in the legion of boom. 😁

  • Easiest chip ever lol

  • Stephen A needs to publicly apologize to Max Kellerman.

  • Nah Steven A smith gotta apologies to Charles Barkley 😂😂😂

  • BEN SIMMONS better be watching this video..

  • Now everyone loves giannis half or more than half of y’all literally clowned him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • This feels like the most authentic real and important championship in a while. Something just feels different about Milwaukee winning it

  • Next year we will stop Giannis. We'll buy Kawhi and he'll guard Giannis.

  • Looks like building super teams is about to be history

  • One of the best single-game performances you will see in any sport.

  • Can’t really run from adversity when you’re in the playoffs

  • Giannis Congratsssssss! Bucks in 6 I cannot believe it incredible, nailbiting Finals!

  • Awesome

  • And people say that CP3 is the best leader in this era JAJAJAJA

  • So sick of hearing about big markets

  • Does anyone still remembers Ryan Hollins calling KD and Kyrie's Nets is overrated?Where is that Calin' guy...I need him to speak regarding Hollins take

  • Wilbon is sick asf 😂

  • What is ESPN going to realize that Stephen A Smith is well past his expiration date?

  • I give giannis credit even through this weird season with all these injuries, I think he's capable of winning against any team on any given day and he proved he's ready to show that with more chips

  • "He constantly attacked, he knew he was gonna get fouled, but he didnt care" take notes ben simmons

  • I'll be honest. I came back and watched a Giannis play. I'm glad an American DRAMA QUEEN didn't win. Examples of Drama Queens. Durant. Kyrie. Lebron. Kawhi. CP. Harden. All of these AMERICAN players. And these American sports expert analysts on sports media hating on the bucks.

  • Just imagine if and when Giannis develops a mid range or hook shot from close range 🤦🏽‍♂️ Game over

  • Giannis scored half the teams points congrats

  • Giannis is an example for Dame, so Stephan A stop saying Dame needs to leave Portland

  • ben simmons left this clip

  • I am so happy for Giannis. It gave me chills last night i remember when he signed the supermax they said he not winning one. In the super team era. James Harden somewhere punching the air the two people he dont like just competed for a ring. He now has the back career active aside from LeBron. See this what I like bring a ring and don't chase one. Think about this players take paycuts to go link up

  • It's scary to think, Giannis isn't even as great as he can be yet. This is one of a few rings for this man.

  • Giannis really deserved his max contract extension.

  • Giannis over kd’s path