Firing their coach after 1 season is an embarrassment for the Pacers - Zach Lowe

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Firing their coach after 1 season is an embarrassment for the Pacers - Zach Lowe

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  • Terry Scotts for the job is a good choice. He is great at player-FO relationships which is what Pacers definitely need right now

  • Fit ? Raptors not pacers system transposition may have hurt . He is a good coach he will land on his feet . Frank vogel did . It helps to have LBJ.

  • Good job pacers get that clown out of there

  • White Mama Rachel 💯💯

  • Paging Mark Jackson...

  • 35th comment

  • Nba player like Larry bird and Michael jordon don’t make good team owners lmfaoooo stick to dribbling you idiots

  • This is why you don't fire coaches after just one year

  • The pacers fans were so eagered to blame Nate McMillan and get him out of there now whose laughing

  • Did a potato record this?

  • Coach Macs time was up in Indy. Team was getting swept each year in the first rd. Organization took a big risk with NB, and it obviously didn't work out. Im happy with the success of Mac and ATL, but still don't regret his firing from Indy.

    • @TheUndefeatedOfTheEast the Cavs in Nate’s second year. Celtics in his 4th year. Heat in his 5th year. Lost two other first round series in his other years there. It was time. 5 Seasons. 5 first round exits. 3 sweeps.

    • Who did they get swept by?

  • Screw the Pacers, Nate McMillian winning

  • There’s nothing worst than being a mediocre black coach in pro sports. They’ll fire you without a moments hesitation, meanwhile Luke Walton... ☕️

    • I'm also pretty sure that you were the same person who was against the firing Lloyd Pierce from Atlanta, lmfao, you don't anything 🤣🤣🤣

    • Luke a great coach, look what he did in Golden State. 👀

    • @YeahWhatOoh Nobody cares Chad go fight your parents or something

    • @Jordan Davis I would say Nate is a good coach but they still fired him after one mediocre season that’s my point

    • Nate McMillian isn’t mediocre, that stupid team in Indiana just thought he was and now look at them I agree with you about Luke though

  • Guys, let's make sure, Americans never find out what happens to football managers in Europe.

  • 2015 cavs did it

  • Should’ve kept Nate🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Just throw the whole Pacers organization away.

  • What a dumpster fire

  • Come on SAS I'm waiting on him to say it .lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pacers fans were so eager to place blame on McMillian and happy to see him fired...looks like the organization did him a favor

  • Nate McMillan laughing like Southern Stephen A right now

    • @Braeden Roberts yeah and that year they took LeBron to 7 games

    • @Jordan Davis They did when Oladipo was as healthy he was an all nba player

    • @Jordan Davis even then I think Ben Simmons even with inconsistencies and jrue and Khris are debatable he is top 20 definitely and maybe can be top 15

    • @Carlos Sosa Even if you put Lowry ahead of him that only makes him 15th. There's no way you can say Sabonis is top 10

    • @Jordan Davis you trippin Sabonis is top 10 in the East you put lowry ahead of him

  • Ugh. I hate when coaches get fired especially the 1st season as well 🤔

  • third

  • It look like they fired him Bc they lost they streak

  • Second

  • First