Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo on the Gerrit Cole situation |

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo joins Mike Greenberg on to react to the situation surrounding New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole and the Spider Tack controversy.

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  • "I never met spidertack....he might have brought me a coffee...." The real translation is "why are you asking ME this question....everyone uses this".

  • Stop blaming the pitchers this is just poor leadership on behalf of rob manfred

  • Why is it the Gerrit Cole situation tho😂😂

  • The Astros were hooking up electronics to themselves to know what pitch was coming. Every pitcher uses some of this sticky stuff. Comparing the two is ridiculous.

  • Greeny looks so different

  • "I don't know how to answer that". Why didn't the interviewer tell him to answer directly and honestly, since that obviously didn't occur to Cole?

  • “No Comment” was the correct answer

  • Is that Cole contract guaranteed? 😂.

  • “I don’t know quite how to answer that” is right up there with…..”It depends on what the definition of is, is” and “If the glove dont fit, you must acquit”

  • bauer a troll, but has been 1000% dead on, up front, and honest about this whole thing. bauer and jomboy are the only credible voices here

  • Bauer called out everyone years ago. He said if mlb won't stop anyone he will use it so he started using it

  • Cheating pitchers hurt the compensation of hitters just as steroids hurts pitchers. Baseball has always been a corrupt sport since the Black Sox scandal.

  • Dude literally said I don't know 5 times. What a cheater.

  • Russo showing his ignorance. Bauer has tacitly (but not subtly) admitted to using these substances and attributes much of his success to it. Bauer is the primary reason this is even being discussed.

  • Mad Dog is my idol

  • Not gonna lie, I'd rather watch a good pitching battle than a 14-9 game. Let them use the sticky stuff lol

  • HYPOCRITE! Astros cheating is one thing (they did it elaborately), Pitchers getting an advantage (cheating if you want) is done by EVERYONE.

    • Elaborately? They banged on trash bins lol. Some of that sticky stuff is secretly made because the concoction is very secretive. Why is is that hard to condemn all forms of cheating

    • Astros rent free in yo head, 😭 every mlb team finds sum way to get an advantage. Sad stuck on something that happened 4 yrs ago

  • Since it’s apparent that cheating is commonplace in the MLB. It’s high time Pete Rose, McGwire, Clemons, Bonds, and all the greats from the steroid era get into the hall of fame.

  • 73rd comment

  • And that is how the Dodgers managed to win the *2020 WS.

  • Mad Dog’s comparison at 6:25 doesn’t make sense here. The Astros cheated using technology to gain a greater advantage during their home games while no other teams were doing it. But every team is using foreign substances and up to this point it wasn’t condemned or punished by MLB so the Dodgers haven’t been cheating, at least not more than any other team. MLB let this happen and is responsible for all this. The only heat Trevor Bauer is under is now having to perform well without the foreign substance since he’s already openly admitted to using them and has been vocal about pitchers like Cole using them for over a year now. The only reason Bauer started using them was to prove a point of these substances increasing spin rate, which led to his Cy Young and fat contract in LA, just like Cole did when going from Houston to New York. Both have to step it up now that their spin rates will go down and they’re both more than capable, but Cole gave a long-winded answer to that question for some reason while Bauer will probably just say “Yes” when asked the same question

    • @Jibran i only partially agree with you because with that mind set you should consider Manfred as the best commissioner lol after all he acted quickly to add the rule of not using technology to steal signs quickly compared to others. And if you have to wait for something to get banned to be considered cheating then your also ok with sign stealing using technology prior to being added to the rule book in 2020?

    • @F Rod Either way then each of those teams that used technology had an unfair advantage when playing against opponents at home. Mad Dog is comparing that to using foreign substances, which during any game both teams are likely doing and it’s something MLB hasn’t stopped, so it’s not the same as when one team uses technology to cheat against their opponent.

    • @Alexander Perez Hey I hear you, getting big contracts by cheating is pretty wack which is what’s been happening, but the fault lies with MLB alone. You can’t just assume players and teams won’t cheat in baseball if there is no threat of punishment, that’s too idealistic. MLB did nothing to stop steroids for a long time, which made more players start doing it since guys who weren’t doping were at risk of losing their jobs to guys who were, which led to the steroid era. That’s on MLB for doing nothing about it. Even if not every pitcher in the league is using foreign substances, a lot of pitchers from a lot of teams are. It’s up to MLB to enforce the rule or else these pitchers simply won’t stop. That just applies to the world in general. Without law, there’s anarchy. Indeed players shouldn’t cheat since it’s not morally right, but if they do cheat and MLB chooses to look away, then players have no practical reason not to keep cheating because they’re trying to produce their best stats so they can make more money. Yes this whole situation is pretty crazy and not ideal, but it’s MLB’s fault for letting it get this bad.

    • @Jibran Yes, they used a tv monitor and trash cans, and I don't believe it was live because all clubhouse monitors are on delay. The Yankees and Red Sox used an entire replay system and apple watches, which I think is a little more advanced than trash cans, and Carlos Beltran brought this cheating to Houston, and where was he before the Astros, in New York with the Yankees. The biggest crime the Astros committed was beating the Yankees and Dodgers and Red Sox.

    • Why is it that hard to condemn all forms of cheating? If you have to do use something to give you an advantage plain and simply you're not playing fair. Everyone is not using sticky substances. And the fact these people are getting fat paychecks after using it is mind boggling. If you have to wait for the league to ban something your part of the problem.

  • MAnfred is a failure

  • Not for nothing but people crucifying Cole and only Cole are very hypocritical. He’s not the only one doing it, not by a long shot. Shane Bieber went from good to top tier hall of fame caliber seasons good, Verlander was definitely showing his age in Detroit still very good but passed his prime nonetheless, went to Houston and looked 10 years younger literally overnight in the middle of the season, Bauer is very open about doing it, Glasnow went from good to top tier pitcher in the league, almost the entire Rays pitching staff is doing it, the Dodgers are doing it, almost EVERY pitcher in the league is doing it. Sadly the Cole bashing comes across as anti Yankee bias instead of the addressing the real problem.

  • It's Interesting, before the league go after Garrett Cole they better make sure they're keeping an eye on the Astros

    • Casual

  • Joe Niekro has left the chat....

  • Woof!

  • Do these guys really not know that Bauer was talking about all this in 2018.... where were they back then??

    • And interesting enough he's also under the microscope lmao

  • I’d love to knock “mad dog” out!

  • Lol, many fans knew about this from long ago. Just look at the many MLB UZfire content creators. I’m glad Cole and Bauer are being rightly called out now. It should be clear to everyone, By now, Jacob Degrom is the best pitcher, by miles 🤣🤣

    • Bauer? He's always called out pitchers and Mlb on this.

    • @Jonathan McCully his spin rate isnt out of the norm

    • What about Zack Greinke, he would never do that.

    • For you now 90 percent pitchers used

    • How do you know Degrom is clean?

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  • Cheating is cheating no cheater is better than another

  • Apparantly cheating only really matters this much if you're a New York Yankee

    • If you a Boston Red Sox you could get away with it

  • Why'd he name drop Brian Snitker? Braves aren't even being eyed and their pitching sucks.

  • F*** Mad Dog!!!

  • Couldn’t get Francesca?

  • Why

  • Looks like he got himself in a sticky situation

  • Guess you give the players immunity for being a rat and fire coaches and gms for knowing lol this is why baseball is dead

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  • Cole sounded like a man caught in the web

  • Well let him snitch right give him immunity like you gave the astral players and the Red Sox players

  • MAD DOG!