Aaron Rodgers’ situation with the Packers is like a ‘game of chicken’ - Dan Graziano | Get Up

Joylandi 9-Iyn, 2021
Mike Tannenbaum, Booger McFarland and Dan Graziano share their thoughts on how the Green Bay Packers front office should handle the latest wrinkle in the Aaron Rodgers saga.
0:00 How Packers' publicly voicing their support for Aaron Rodgers could result in him staying in Green Bay.
2:10 Graziano calls the situation "a game of chicken" and believes the Packers' front office needs to remain patient.
4:17 How and when will this saga finish?

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  • He's holding out for the Jeopardy gig.

  • In 90 days the new season starts!!!

  • Goodbye Murphy and Gute!

  • you trade rodgers and you start rebuilding for the next 5 years. entire front office: fired. You don't trade rodgers, he retires and you get nothing for him, no picks, nothing. front office: fired in 2 years. either way you're so screwed up. have fun and next time just let the QB know that you're going to draft his replacement lmaaaaoooo.

    • Facts Rodgers has the leverage and he doesn’t care if he doesn’t play too

  • If he plays he plays. If he doesn't DON'T PAY HIM! THAT SIMPLE!

    • He has guaranteed money it’s not that simple lol

  • I f GB front office has half a brain between them they will get rid of him. Is he a good WB yes, is he going to take them all the way? Not a chance. He folds under pressure and puts. If they want to get to a SB they gotta get the next generation…

    • @Figster41 Figster41 true but can you mention a time where you traded an mvp and actually did better? last time I checked even belicheat couldn't do it with the patriots.

    • @jose felipe yeah or unless you win more without him. Then your the guy who made the right choice. ⚖️

    • you forget something important bro: once you trade rodgers that's on your resume forever. you will be know as the guy who traded an mvp. good luck finding a job after you get fired when they start rebuilding without having a QB, and if you don't trade him and he retires it's going to get worse than that.

  • Funny enough he actually did turn out to be a bad man after all at least at winning Super Bowls

  • I’m a packers fan and Rodgers fan but who else is sick of hearing about this 😂 these news stories have gotten to the point where the question is “HoW dOeS tHiS MaKe YoU fEeL”😂💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • If the Packers does nothing, A. Rodgers only options is to sit out, retire, or return to the Packers.

    • The packers will either rebuild if they trade him or get nothing and he walks. They lose either way

    • I don't see him going back to play for them.

  • The packers have officially lost the locker room , publicly taking up for Aaron, he will be gone soon.

    • he is gone. and rumors say, he is going to take the jeopardy job and retire. have fun watching him walking away without even getting a draft pick, you can have 30 million back which will help you a lot rebuilding

    • One player lol

  • I feel What the last guy said I feel that way to and where ever Rogers go I'm going with him I'm a Rogers fan for life

  • The Rodgers situation is just bad on both sides. He looks like a diva cause they have a pretty good team now and the franchise looks dumb for mismanagement.

    • no bruh. every person has an ego. Also rodgers has enough money for 2 lives, he has jeopardy waiting for him, 10 million a year, and a nice gf. gb front office has nothing of that and after this mess, all of them are going to get fired. have fun with that.

    • @Random Guy I’m not a Packers guy either. I’m a Steelers fan. Lol personally I’m behind Rodgers. Just wish he handled the media better and was more open about where his mind is at. Tired of the hearsay reports from the media’s guessing.I want to know what happened cause this is more than they drafted Jordan Love.

    • Having a pretty good team and a definitely Super Bowl contender are 2 different things at his point in his career. Rodgers deserves to win more rings. Packers haven’t proved capable of capitalizing on every situation to provide him the best chance to win now. Packers are content with a 10 win season and a punchers chance in the playoffs. If I’m a top 5 qb all time I want reassurances that everything is being done to maximize my window of HOF greatness. Packers ain’t it. Sorry not sorry. This is coming from a 25 year packers fan. Time to go to greener pastures Aaron. I’m with you wherever you go.

    • @Tyron Wells True, but I think by Rodgers being cryptic with so much stuff and reports not having sources … it doesn’t make him look good. If he came out and said, “I don’t like the Gm. They treat me like trash when I just won an MVP.” I think people would be more sympathetic. I dunno just my opinion.

    • It’s not about having a good team is about having respect and Aaron Rodgers is not get a respected by the Packers GM

  • 15th comment

  • He may have made $240m.. but $37m is a lot to miss out on still. Just because you're throwing a fit.

    • investing yo. rodgers probably has like 100m in cash plus the jeopardy money coming in. dude can just retire and enjoy life with that hot gf.

    • Yea right

    • @Adam Meyer it is. After a certain point having more money makes no difference in the quality of your life. At that point other things take priority, like respect.

    • @Roy Harrigan Because you "have" $240m means $37m is irrelevant? Strong logic.

    • @Judge Advocate like they would have him sit out for 3 years... Either way, if you add endorsements his net worth is in the 100s of millions. I'm sure he would sit out or retire to prove a point. I doubt the team or fan base would be ok with that.

  • I don't understand how the Packers can be doing this to Rodgers. He's clearly so dependable and easy to work with.

    • The front office will be fired either sooner or later no matter what if he never plays another snap for them

    • Rodgers is doing it to himself. He's still under contract, and he doesn't want to play because he might make the GM look good.

  • Aaron Rodgers is driven by ego and hate - not by principles.

  • If there will be no Rodgers packers fanbase is gonna face a harsh reality of how hard it is for teams to win without having an elite QB at the helm

    • It's true the Patriots fan base went through it once Brady left & went to Tampa 🤣🤣

    • @Unknown Filmmaker yeah, let Gb turn into the sixers or jacksonville, tanking for years until one day you get a no.1 pick and hopefully he will be a good QB. by then, all the front office will be long gone.

    • @Kevin P Who won the Super Bowl?

    • Elite quarterback’s win multiple Super Bowls

    • @Kevin P Of course you are correct. But he's gotten what he wanted and he always has an excuse. Well now it's this, now it's that, I want this coach, I need homefield. You don't see Brady with this attitude.

  • He ain't Tom Brady let him go..

  • You can't see me the way I see you. Pack it up, call it a day. When you're behind, you don't get the same view.

  • In my opinion Aaron Rodgers’ throws look short but they are very long. Amazing!

  • Booger is legit annoying to listen to. Just retire bro.

    • @Lucky Luke did I insult your daddy? Awe.

    • @Lucky Luke understand what he's talking about DUMMY FFS

    • He has Retired dummy.

  • 3rd 🥉

  • 3 more months and the 2021 regular season begins!!!

  • 1st