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5:03Who goes No. 2 in the 2021 NBA Draft? | NBA on ESPN
Who goes No. 2 in the 2021 NBA Draft? | NBA on ESPNKo‘rishlar soni 84 mingKun oldin
4:31How different will the Raptors look next season? | The Jump
4:21What is the best fit for Kyle Lowry? | The Jump
What is the best fit for Kyle Lowry? | The JumpKo‘rishlar soni 153 mingKun oldin


  • By quitting, Ms Biles, beat everyone else to last place.

  • magic johnson anyone

  • Simone’s countenance often looks like Pity Party City. If I sound hard on her/ she wasn’t ready emotionally for the Olympics. And now she is giving the public all her pearls of wisdom- nonsense. Get her therapy. Many are very disappointed in her mental state, not her mistakes. I think the Coach has babied her to death.

  • James Harden is the best shooting guard in the league and it up there in the top 5 in history already without a championship. Ben Simmons wouldn't dunk on Trae Young. Gtfo with those offers Morey.

  • Get better

  • jalen has no style. guy's like 50 years old and dresses like he's 15 and 85 at the same time thinking itll average out and be okay.

  • Not the goat when you leave your team hanging

  • First yall hated molly…now yall hate SAS. Dam just quit watching the show already.

  • Only real celtics fans know that trading Marcus is a bad idea. Hes severely undervalued

  • What’s there to admire about a quitter? She’s weak.

  • Cunningham is like Tatum who could play make. How much better would Tatum be if he could actually set up teammates around him and make them better too instead of just getting his?

  • Warriors

  • Yeah see I like this

  • Finally, a grown-up conversation on FS1. What's going on?

  • Don’t bring Stephen A back lol

  • When you're allowed to wear your DMC Halloween costume to work.

  • If I’m Dallas and I get that call for the Simmons-Porzingis trade, I’m laughing like Nintendo execs when Microsoft tried to buy them

  • jordan is nba

  • we love and praise quitters now

  • Can you do deferred payments in the nba?

  • I'm with you, Max

  • Cool.

  • Ya he see all the hate Bron gets and thanks God everyday he didn’t play in this era because he would get the same treatment 💯

  • I won't blame them if they admit they play for a check

  • Lmao he said Scottie Barnes is a scorer

  • Can we not compare players to luka

  • Bouknight = Jamal Murray. You take that guy as early as #5 if you are a team like Orlando that needs instant microwave offence.

  • Draft Julian Newman

  • No critiscism? People said he was addicted to gambling, and that it may have been related to his father’s death, so that doesn’t count I guess???

  • Although nobody thought this yet but this is a trade scenario that came to my mind so it's like this Warriors trade with raptors Warriors will give their 7th and 14th overall pick with Nico manion, Eric paschal and maybe Michael mullder if they're pushed to it. And will get the 4th overall pick from raptors for that With this warriors will have a 12 man group of Steph Jalen Suggs/green Klay Wiggins Dreymond From bench Poole Justinian Jta Looney Wiseman Damion Lee And may be they add Kevin love With which they can win now And with these picks and trading Kyle Lowry they will get more picks so they can go into full rebuild mode maybe get top 3 pick in lottery next year and they will have a core of new guys with which they can win in like 5 years from now

    • This warriors can keep both Wiggins and Wiseman and get a young guy who could not only help you win now but with Wiseman and Poole can be cornerstone of your franchise after the current trio of pg,sg and c retires

  • Whole lot of keyboard Olympians chastising Simone on here and it's pretty pathetic 😂

  • Am I supposed to act surprised or something?

  • Goodbye a smith

  • doesn’t want to be cancelled by crazy libtards

  • Every one of these women are heroes and they NEED TO BE HEARD!!!!

  • This guy looks like Vince Vaughn's brother

  • It's about time Detroit should have done this a while ago

  • This Guy just started covering these prospects within last month. Has no idea what he’s speaking about 😂😂

  • didnt age well

  • I wonder if he’ll be smart and leave asap, or waste away like Dame Dollar?

  • Notice how without SAS here the conversation was so peaceful and respectful

  • Shout out J&J for the UZfire exclusive.

  • Proverbs 3:13 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

  • ”Always want more but never be greedy”

  • TRADE CJ McCOLLUM FOR BEN SIMMONS, ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED Portland backcourt is undersized and lacking D. Simmons fixes all those problems, get a scoring rim protector and they are legit. Surprised this is not being talked about more. Lillard is an icon in Portland, Giannis just won, I doubt he wants to bounce.

  • Fire this guy immediately. Luka, Kobe, and Giannis. Barnes might not go top 5, but he is Giannis. How about Harden, Levine, and Draymond as comps. Still solid players but not completely absurd.

  • Scotty Barnes an NBA ready offensive player? Did I just hear that on ESPN? Lol Barnes can’t shoot, like at all shoot, like didn’t even attempt many 3s or midrange jumpers. I am pretty sure a ‘smaller’ version of Giannis is not a very good player. That is a role player

  • Aka they fielded trade packages and none were enticing.

  • Needs to visit Umberto's Clam House in Little Italy 🇮🇹

  • Giannis proved the haters wrong.

  • Facts

  • Majority of players from his era in baseball, basketball and football would've been canceled by the toxic social media universe.

  • What, that actually was enjoyable to watch. A discussion without insults and hyperboles. i am shocked.

  • I have never, ever seen this much positivity on the show. What is this?!

  • A Coach is supposed to know how to make the players feel confident, how to deal with each one. A GOOD Coach that is. I watched my husband do wonders with individual ball players. Her coach was somewhat clueless.

  • Schultz is fun to listen to. Enthusiastic and respectful to Max. I enjoyed this video more than most first take videos lol

  • Go woke go broke

  • Man they really need to do something about Stephen A and Max cuz this is so much better than Max getting disrespected the whole morning just for having a different opinion

  • jalen forgot one more advice:wear a nice suit on draft night

  • Vince Vaughn is doing sports now!? So inspirational

  • The Kyrie situation goes to show you that men have to deal with way more

  • Slow news day

  • He couldn’t... That’s why Lebron is the GOAT

  • Hate to say it I think without sas there’s a different energy.. not to say I like this guy but I noticed myself with a sigh of relief without sas

  • Milking NBA headlines for views, if I'm in another sport, I would be pissed. I'd off season and media finds any angle to talk NBA, not report lol TALK. LOL.

  • He ain’t gone stay anyway 😂😂

  • Comps are always ceiling. Good lord.

  • Wasn’t T Mac like 6-9 and Kobe 6-7? They were much longer than Green but he is more bouncy than both. Yet to be seen how good he becomes but if he becomes anywhere near those guys overall that means he went to a good developmental team that thought him how to play defence

  • Warriors like home-grown players, or at least players that need a place in the league. They love JTA, Poole and Wiggins, why not see how they pan out with Klay coming back

  • Manipulating pick and roll in NCAA is different from doing it in LIGA ACB. Cade is just a tad bit athletic compared to Luka. So, we'll see.

  • In other words, the sky is blue.

  • I honestly believe if pac beats Errol Spence Floyd will fight Pac man again

  • Max carrying the show like Dame Lillard